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About Alonzo Abbey

Mr. Abbey stands out as a distinguished criminal lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. Earning a spot on the Dean’s List, he completed his bachelor’s degree in political science and law from York University. He then furthered his legal education, securing a law degree spanning studies in Victoria, B.C., and the United States.

His vast legal journey encompasses trials on matters as diverse as minor offenses to severe cases like murder. As an esteemed member of the Criminal Lawyers Association, Mr. Abbey is recognized for his profound dedication to justice. Beyond his extensive courtroom experiences, he also offers expertise in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution. This dual skill set empowers him to craft innovative solutions to intricate legal challenges.

But Mr. Abbey’s impact extends beyond courtrooms and legal chambers. He proudly serves as the legal counsel for the Brampton Minor Basketball Association and dedicates his time volunteering for community initiatives, assisting both youth and adults as they navigate the criminal justice system.

What truly sets Mr. Abbey apart is his deep-rooted commitment to his clients. He believes in a tailored approach, immersing himself in the intricacies of each case to champion his clients’ unique needs and aspirations. Through every step of the legal journey, Mr. Abbey is relentless in his pursuit of the best possible outcomes for those he represents.

If you seek an ally in the face of criminal charges, require astute legal advice, or simply need a guiding hand through the legal world, Mr. Abbey stands ready to be your advocate.

Our Vision

To set the gold standard for criminal defense in Toronto and beyond, not only through unparalleled legal outcomes but by forging lasting relationships with our clients and the community. We envision a future where every individual, regardless of their circumstance, feels confident in their legal journey, supported by our unwavering dedication and expertise.

Our Mission

To provide unmatched legal representation, championing justice with a personalized touch, and ensuring every client feels understood, defended, and valued. We believe in going beyond the case at hand, using our expertise to empower and educate individuals as they navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system.

GTA Paralegal

About Stefanie Bruno

Stefanie Bruno, a Licensed Paralegal based in Toronto, Ontario, brings a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise to the legal field. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Law and Business from Toronto Metropolitan University, Stefanie laid a solid foundation for her journey in law. Her proactive nature shone through during the COVID-19 lockdown, a period she leveraged to further her professional growth. She completed a Graduate Certificate Paralegal Program at Centennial College, graduating with High Honours, a testament to her dedication and intellectual prowess.

Stefanie’s journey took a pivotal turn during her placement at Abbey Lawyers. Here, she worked with Alonzo Abbey, a seasoned legal expert known for his positive energy and deep expertise. Drawn to his mentorship, Stefanie quickly adapted to the demanding and dynamic criminal law environment. Under Alonzo’s guidance, she has not only honed her technical skills but also developed a keen understanding of the intricate and multifaceted nature of criminal cases.

Personable and knowledgeable, Stefanie is passionate about every case she handles. Her approach combines meticulous research, attention to detail, and a deep empathy for clients navigating the complexities of the legal system. Stefanie’s commitment to excellence and her ability to connect with clients on a human level make her an invaluable asset to the firm and a promising force in the legal community. 

What Our Clients Say

Mr Alanzo have been representing me for a couple of years now, on at least 5 different cases..thanks to his great knowledge and commitment I still manage to escape with a clean record… very affordable and understanding man as well.. Great human being on a overall perspective.. Can’t thank you enough sir.

Your case, Our priority
Leslie. J

Great knowledge, great charisma and demeanour. The experience and intellect is apparent with Mr. Abbey has been beyond helpful with my situation and I’m grateful to him. He communicated everything well to me and showed me so much to this day already, absolutely no complaints and I would recommend him to any one in need of a lawyer or any type of legal representation. Rate 10/10

Carlos. A

Very knowledgeable and affordable compared to some other Toronto lawyers. I had a tough time getting bail but he won my freedom! He handled my serious sexual assault case and I walked out of court a free man. He was able to expose all the lies and prove I wasn’t the person they made me out to be! Thank you Alonzo!

Kristof. R