The most common charges that are found in many cases under this heading are charges of Uttering Death and Uttering Bodily Harm.

A person can be charged of uttering threats if they knowingly utter, convey or cause any person to receive a threat.

The crown must prove that;

The threat was serious, and there was a motive for the threat. This may be a threat to cause physical harm, or even a death threat, or to damage, burn or destroy personal or real property. It can even include the injury or death of an animal that is the property of the victim.

The Crown Attorney needs to make sure that the threat was knowingly said and that the accused intended to create reasonable fear in the victim. This does not need to occur verbally. This could be done through the use of mobile phones or even social networking sites can also be considered, especially since these forms of media are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

The criminal justice system does not take lightly to those who are processed under it;

The penalty, if proceeding by indictment(the most serious form), could be imprisonment of up to five years. If the threat is only to a person’s personal, real or animal property, then the penalty of a guilty person of an indictable offence is imprisonment for up to two years, or is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction. 



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