“Amazing lawyer. Worth every dollar. Been representing me for 10+ years nothing but love & respect for this man. Definition of having your back.”

Jakson. M

“Alonzo is nothing but an amazing lawyer. My first charge and he walked me through all the steps, never hesitated to answer all my questions or phone calls. He really fights for his clients; he battled with the crown for months for me to have my charges dropped and I couldn’t thank him enough for that because he never gave up on my case. He’s a lawyer I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Tilman. R

“Amazing Lawyer & All out great person , helped me a lot for years”

Tayvon. S

“Cares immensely about his job and the future of his clients. An amazing lawyer and person to know.”

Agnes. A

“I was looking at very serious charges. To keep this authentic and true I will list why he’s the best at what he does. All my previous lawyers would take forever to reply or pick up my calls which is very nerve racking because they don’t take your life seriously, you were just another joke for them, they would leave you in to rot if you didn’t have the money. Mr. Abbey was someone throughout my two year run with him of my charges always not only picked up my calls and always got back to me, he would always inform me on his own about my court dates outcome and all which none of my previous lawyers did. He would provide me with the best solutions for all my legal matters. In hard times he was someone me and my family could count on, he would slowly and thoroughly explain to my family everything since they don’t understand English. Since there is a word limitation, in hard times he was our light at the end of the tunnel. He had our back every step of the way. From A to Z U’ll never Regret it.”

Ally. H

Mr Alanzo have been representing me for a couple of years now, on at least 5 different cases..thanks to his great knowledge and commitment I still manage to escape with a clean record… very affordable and understanding man as well.. Great human being on a overall perspective.. Can’t thank you enough sir????

Leslie. J

Mr. Abbey is my first lawyer and last lawyer. I would never suggest any other lawyer to anyone else. He has won 4 charges for me. He is very professional and gets the job done. He is the lawyer I would recommend for everyone. All respect to Alonzo

Shannon. S

Great knowledge, great charisma and demeanour. The experience and intellect is apparent with Mr. Abbey has been beyond helpful with my situation and I’m grateful to him. He communicated everything well to me and showed me so much to this day already, absolutely no complaints and I would recommend him to any one in need of a lawyer or any type of legal representation. Rate 10/10

Carlos. A

Alonzo is exactly the kind of lawyer I needed. Busy but always available by phone. I wanted to plea just to get off of bail and get my firearms charges over with. Mr. Abbey refused to let me plea and encouraged me to stay the course. All charges dropped in the end. I have had him for 5 different matters. He never encouraged me to cop a deal to any of my charges, domestic, robbery, or weapons charges. He beat my brother’s ATM jury trial! I have no record because of him. Now I can get my citizenship thanks to his hard work. He is a great lawyer!

Mikhael .A

Very knowledgeable and affordable compared to some other Toronto lawyers. I had a tough time getting bail but he won my freedom! He handled my serious sexual assault case and I walked out of court a free man. He was able to expose all the lies and prove I wasn’t the person they made me out to be! Thank you Alonzo!

Kristof. R



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